• From Louise,Alex,Toronto,Canada on Guestbook

    I had planned a European trip for April 2010 for my wife and I,with a 3 day stop in Paris.I,we wanted to experience,History,Culture,to fee Paris in that short time.After much reading and research I decided that a tour guide would be the best way to achieve that.I spoke to many “Guides” or many who thought they where.Over and over again there was one whom was articulate,very well spoken,and was very passionate in our discussion’s,Raphaelle.I felt confident in hiring her for our trip to Paris.Raphaelle answered all my quieries.there where MANY believe me! She planned our itenerary for 2 day’s,made restaurant reservation’s,made suggestion’s,when she thought needed to.She did a FANTASTIC job,her insight of all aspects of the sites,and French history in general was TRULY overwhelming!,she exceeded my very high expectations.Raphy made Paris amazing.! She is very educated,and her command of the English language is excellent! I saw group tours,and,there is no way you could acheive what we did ,in a group.She was very Well worth it!! We would recommend her without question.As my wife said to me in the Louvre while enjoying a masterpiece,and what Raphy had tell us about,”Raphaelle bring’s thing’s to life!” that say’s it all Bonne Chance!
  • From Thomas & Christina on Guestbook

    We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Raphaelle. We toured the Marais and learned quite a bit about French history and culture. Raphaelle was extremely knowledgeable on every subject that she discussed, yet had a very easy going nature that made you feel comfortable and relaxed. We were very impressed. Do not hesitate if you are considering her as a tour guide.