Group Tours

Whether you are a tour agency, a company, a group of friends or a family, please contact me to arrange your guided tours.

I recommend limiting group sizes to 25 - 30 people for walking tours. This limit ensures that everyone will be able to hear well in the environments that we visit.

There are set limits at many of the museums and monuments in France in order to aid congestion at the popular sites. Most limits are between 15 - 30 people. All museums and monuments in France require prior reservations for group tours.

For larger groups, additional licensed tour guides should be arranged.

Please contact me with your questions regarding group tours. I would be delighted to set up a programme that meets your needs and schedule. Estimates will be provided once we determine your group needs.

Popular tours include


Louvre Museum
Notre Dame Cathedral
Orsay Museum
Sainte Chapelle
Rodin Museum
Chartres Cathedral
Champagne Region
Landing beaches of Normandy